SCC Participates in MVS Security Webinar Organized by ENTSO-E

SCC Participates in MVS Security Webinar Organized by ENTSO-E

On 25th April, SCC, a partner in the R²D² project, participated in the MVS Security Webinar organised by ENTSO-E. This working group monitors the information security status of all entities that access the OPDE platform, where confidential data about the forecasted power system network state is exchanged. This exchange of network models is fundamental to all RCC tasks, so predefined information security control measures must always be met. This group ensures compliance with these measures for all participants in the process.

The group holds regular monthly online meetings to share updates on ongoing information security activities, discuss potential security issues, and review the status of the annual audit process. During these meetings, the R²D² tool OPDE Risk Register, which provides new functionalities to improve the submission and communication of OPDE risks, is also discussed.

OPDE Risk Register Tool

SCC presented the R²D² project and its OPDE Risk Register Tool. This tool is designed for Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs), like SCC, to periodically communicate their risks to ENTSO-E, a requirement for RSCs. Currently, this process is done in a nearly “homemade” manner, which is prone to errors and failures. The OPDE Risk Register tool streamlines this process by allowing risks to be communicated and updated directly to ENTSO-E through a repository interface, thereby automating and accelerating the process and eliminating the need for emails and attachments.

Live Demonstration and Expert Feedback

During the webinar, SCC saw a live demonstration of the tool. Information security experts in attendance had several questions related to:

  1. Integrating external tools with the central OPDE Risk Register tool;
  2. Including risks related to other security plans, not just the OPDE Security Plan;
  3. Different ideas about the relationship between risks and communication regarding those risks.

An ENTSO-E representative expressed satisfaction with the tool’s functionalities and mentioned that the OPDE Risk Register would be considered as a potential tool for official use. The presentation was recorded, and further comments from other ENTSO-E experts are expected after they review the video in the coming months.

The MVS Security Webinar provided a valuable platform for discussing the R²D² project and the OPDE Risk Register Tool. SCC’s participation highlighted the importance of secure and efficient risk communication processes within the ENTSO-E network. The feedback from information security experts will be crucial in refining the tool and ensuring it meets the stringent requirements of the energy sector.

Further information:

This project has received funding from the  European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101075714.