Impact assessment regarding UC “Validation of network model integrity”

Impact assessment regarding UC “Validation of network model integrity”

During the R²D² plenary meeting in Ljubljana, representatives of GUARD (Priit Anton and Mihkel Väljaots), EMSS (SrđanSubotić) and SCC (Dušan Prešić) took the opportunity to organise a side meeting to discuss future demonstration activities and impact assessment regarding UC “Validation of network model integrity”.

The goal of this UC is to increase cyber security and maintain network model integrity by using KSI Blockchain technology to create a signature file – a unique cryptographic proof that protects the integrity, signing time and signing identity of the network model so that TSOs and RCCs could be sure that some third actor (or error) did not change metadata of the network model during its transfer of storage.

The meeting was very fruitful since two demonstration scenarios (green and red) are sketched. Also, several attack points are detected based on the current business process that is implemented on the TSO and RCC side regarding the processing of network models.

Finally, some potential financial impacts were discussed during the meeting, including reputational impact for TSOs or RCCs in case of network model integrity issues.

The outcomes of this meeting will be reflected in future R²D² deliverables.

Further information:

This project has received funding from the  European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101075714.