Internal meetings to make important decisions regarding UCs

Partners from IMP, EMSS and SCC gathered together for an internal meeting in order to discuss about further implementations and development regarding UC12 “Emergency & Restoration -Over-Frequency Protection module” and UC19 “Emergency & Restoration -System Split module”.

The goal of UC12 is to replace individual controllers on generators, mimicking the response of the entire power system to over-frequency conditions and to ensure effective over-frequency protection, while the goal of UC19 is automatic detection and faster coordination during disturbances, ensuring faster and more efficient crisis response.

The main topic for UC12 was planning the future activities and dynamic of work. Also, some details were agreed about testing. Regarding the UC19, discussion was about needed inputs (frequency from PMU and topology) for detection of system split and improvements of coordination platform for a better signalization of smart notifications. Furthermore, it was agreed that the structure of notifications in some steps of coordination should be modified in order to be aligned with the business process.

Outcomes of this meeting will be reflected in future R²D² development.

Further information:

This project has received funding from the  European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101075714.