The Spanish pilot includes some distribution system’s infrastructures located at northern Spain. The pilot site is operated by EDP Redes España and its main peculiarity is the possibility to observe the impact of R2D2 solutions in distribution systems across rural and urban areas as the selected assets are located   between Cantabria and Asturias regions.


The asset located in Cantabria,  located in the substation of Tanos en Torrelavega, consists of a 12kV overhead line in a rural area, ensuring energy supply to around 600 people. The other two assets are in Asturias, a 130/20kV substation feeding an area with around 50 000 inhabitants, Corredoria village, where is also placed the Distribution Control Centre (DCO) of EDP – España (DSO); and a low voltage distribution network in La Fresneda, a residential area, where around 400 people are living, equipped with tele-monitored and controlled LV cabinets and smart meters.

Partners involved

EDP NEW is coordinating the pilot together with EDP Spain that hosts it and are responsible to make the contact with local people responsible for the assets and part of EDP Group (E-Redes).

Benefits from R2D2

  • Reduction of outages.
  • Prevention of wildfires.
  • Optimization of maintenance costs.
  • Reduction of non-technical losses.