R2D2 deploys four tools dedicated to the prevention, protection and restoration of EPES in two different independent but complementary scenarios in the energy value-chain – from regional coordination between TSOs, to privacy of LV customers. The project will build on top of strong energy coordination actions in South-East Europe (SEE), following EU legislation and in alignment with the recent activities promoted by ENTSO-E about cyber-security in transmission systems.

R2D2 will deliver a palette of complementary solutions synthesised into four Products:

C3PO - Multi-risk assessment framework for power system

  • Goal: contributing to a systematic, disciplined, and repeatable approach for evaluating an energy system security strategy.
  • Beneficiaries: System Operators.

PRECOG - Prevention Systems For Energy Infrastructures Security

  • Goal: TTo provide a cybersecurity framework to Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT).
  • Beneficiaries: System Operators, IT consultants, electric industries and manufacturers.

IRIS - Resilience suite for TSO & DSO

  • Goal: intervenes when coordination between system operators is needed for security reasons.
  • Beneficiaries: System Operators and Regional Security and Coordination Centres.

EMMA - Enhanced Assets Maintenance And Management Toolkit

  • Goal: To contribute to the reliability of the physical assets and to expedite a faster grid recovery.
  • Beneficiaries: System operators, contractors, electric industries, and manufacturers.